Business Book Club

Do you love love business books but never find the time to read? Do you find that you just never get around to reading that pile of Business Books you have been collecting? Do you battle to find books that are relevant? I know the feeling, but I also know the remedy. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce are starting a Business Book Club. It is a monthly get together where we read and discuss business books that will help build our businesses. So if you love reading good business books and need a reading plan and would love to discuss said books with some like-minded people, where we can discuss how we apply what we have read, come along to our first meeting on the 13th July, at Sloth at 12pm. • Each person will share their insights from a particular chapter/s, so even if you don’t get to read the whole book in a month, you will get to get to glean the insights from others. • We will discuss the insights and how we can apply these to our business. • We will work out a suitable reading plan for busy people. • There is accountability, which is why you will get to finish those books you start for a change. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. —Joseph Addison This group will be led by Tracey Olivier.
Karen May
Kaz - Design. Brand. Web.
Chris Edmeades
The Olde Creamery
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Rosalie Lunson
Mr Shift It
Life Member
Liora Saad
The Little Acre
Jim Goddin
Grinter's Funeral Home
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Verian Taylor
Glasshouse Property Management Cambridge
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